Activity ring – Rescuers

We have a few days left until the Nitradog Pribina Cup shows and we have not yet brought all the information we would like. Therefore, today we will once again present one of the activities that will be part of the Activity ring.

On Saturday from 10:30-11:30 (directly in the Activity ring) and on Sunday from 13:30-14:30 (in the final ring) you will be able to get to know the team of people and dogs, which meets voluntarily and is dedicated to highly humane activities – saving human life.

RESCUERS SLOVAKIA sre ordinary people who are willing to sacrifice their time and help with rescue work

  • they are looking for a missing person
  • they help during floods
  • they know how to provide adequate pre-medical first aid always and everywhere
  • they ensure the prevention of accidents with their professional advice
  • and many others.

And in addition, you will be able to stop at the stand, which will also be in Hall M5 during the weekend.

Activity ring – Dogdancing

Will you be at the NITRADOG Pribina Cup already on Friday? If so and you have time, stop by hall M5 in the Activity ringwhere Dog Dancing performance will take place from 11:30 a.m., once again performed by talented young ladies – Aďka Tomeková and Viki Obetková The girls are happy to answer anything about this beautiful dog sport and will no doubt be happy to give advice if you’re interested in getting started!

Band Valar on the finals

We have already introduced you to the Valar band, which will entertain you with themed medieval folk during the Slavic evening.…and we know that you are looking forward to their repertoire and especially to their catchy song: “Došlo Pivo” (The Beer ran out). But we also know the fact that not all of you can participate in our festive evening, so we decided that Valar will entertain you and set you in the mood on Saturday during the final competitions in hall M5 – from 14:30 – 15:00 !!!

Activity ring – Obedience

If you are going to be on the dog shows NITRADOG Pribina Cup already on Friday, take a look in hall M5. Part of the Activity Ring, presented in the Best In show ring since 13:00, will be OBEDIENCE performance.

The world of obedience does not mean boring mechanical obedience with a dog, as it might seem at first sight, but it´s a world full of fun with your four-legged dog, it develops and strengthens the relationship between the handler and the dog, the mental and physical abilities of the dog. Obedience is full of interesting exercises, where the dog learns to work not only close to the handler – for example, heelwork, but also at a long distance, when the dog has to overcome obstacles, run around the cones, or into a square or bring dumbels, stop in different positions at a distance. Obedience is suitable for any dog, no matter which breed, for handlers of all ages, and you ‘ll have a lot of fun while training.

Activity ring – Falconers

The history of Nitra is connected with the history of the ancient Slavs. Just a few people know that the combined villages located on the territory of today’s Nitra represented a larger geographical unit than the current city in the eighth century. At that time, Nitra was among one of the most important cities in Europe.

Life from the period of the reign of Prince Pribina will be presented closer to us on Saturday, 17.2. from 14:00-17:30 in the Activity Ring and at the Slavic evening, by the Falconers of King Svätopluk. Although not in the full line-up and understandably with a reduced program, we believe they will catch your interest. If you ever plan a trip to the beautiful Orava Castle, you will visit the Archeo open-air museum directly below it and watch the performance with the prey birds. You can watch a very interesting documentary right now at

Information for exhibitors

Dear exhibitors, we greatly appreciate that you registered your dogs for NITRADOG Pribina Cup 3x CACIB. An important part of it is also exhibitionism, which, in addition to expertise, also has great social importance and is the best promotion of cynology and individual dog breeds. We appreciate that you entered your dogs for the 3x CACIB NITRADOG. We would like to post some information that we believe will help especially those of you who do not show regularly or have not yet used online registration via


After logging in to the menu, just like when you registered for the show, please download and print out the catalog numbers. This single act replaces a long waiting before the start of the show. On each number is written the date and number of the ring.

dogshow screen_en – 1


can be found on the website or you can download it here. It contains, among other things, a timetable of the judging of individual breeds in the rings, with the names of the judges and also with the timing. If you have a dog of a breed that has the start mentioned in the second part, it is sufficient if you are at the show ring only before the start of judging. In the minicatalog, you will find a timetable for the judging of the final competitions, a map of the showground, and other interesting information, such as the program in the activity ring.


The online catalog saves our forests. It will be published every day before the start of the show at 8:00 a.m. at, or you can download it using the QR code that you can find on the information boards at the show.


You can see the awards, rankings, and titles in real-time at


Each exhibitor will receive a written critique and a small souvenir in the ring.

Trophies for the awards:

– very promissing 1










will be issued in when the results are written in pedigree. Come with a pedigree of your dog and your written critique. If you don’t want to write your results to the dog’s pedigree it’s not mandatory. If you are not interested in this action, the issue of trophies will be noted on the back of the critique. rophies are not sent additionally, they must be picked up at the show..


Critiques (judgements) will be written online. You can find them in your menu at If you want to have them also in printed form, you can print it at any time in the comfort of your home, also to the other side of the critique card form that you will receive in the ring.


You can download the judgements and diplomas after the judging is finished in the system. All you have to do is log in to your account, choose the  “Judgements, invoices, and diplomas” section, and click the appropriate icon. As the name suggests, an invoice and a catalog with the results are also available.

If your male or female has fulfilled the conditions for obtaining a special title (for example, NITRADOG WINNER…), a “trophy” icon will also appear and redirect you to the “my dogs” section. In this case, you have the option to download the confirmation of the title in the card of the dog.


– Follow the instructions of the organizers and veterinarians

– Before going to the show, make sure that you have a pet passport with you, and that valid vaccinations. We recommend checking the functionality of the dog’s chip. You will avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

– Before arriving at the checkpoint, prepare your pet pass so that you don’t waste time looking for it.

Wishing you a happy journey and pleasant days spent at the NITRADOG shows and lots of joy with our furry friends.


Senior handling – judges

We already mentioned to you that during the NITRADOG Pribina Cup, an unofficial SENIOR HANDLING competition will take place in the Activity Ring. We also mentioned that this is a competition for fun and if you participate in it, you will support the activities of the Junior handling club Slovakia (for example, Toy Handling).

But we didn’t bring you the names of the people who will pick the top three. We are very happy that two active exhibitors agreed, among other things, also the judges for Junior handling. On Saturday it will be Ákos Ritó from Hungary and on Sunday Viktória Lozić from Serbia.

Not logged in yet? So come to it!

egistered, this competition will start a bit unconventionally – with a welcome drink. That must have convinced you ! We look forward to seeing you!

Activity ring – police cynology

We are very happy that you support our idea of Activity ring with your participation and interest. Perhaps an integral part is the Performance of Police Cynology, thanks to which we will once again get a closer look at what the work of a police dog looks like. And since you wouldn’t be able to fit in the Activity Ring area even in December, these performance will take place in the final ring on Saturday from 1:30-2:30 p.m.

We hereby invite you and thank the Service Cynology of the Police Force and K9 KIWI-Slovakia for the excellent and repeated cooperation! We appreciate her very much!

Activity ring – handling school

It’s probably not a big secret that from February 2023 we´ve started organizing NITRADOG shows in a “new outfit“. Among the novelties is the Activity ring, which is used for performances and activities from various activities in the cynological and non-cynological world.

Since we want to ensure that the level of exhibitions also rises in the presentation of dogs in show rings, this year at the Pribina Cup we are starting with another novelty, which we have called “Handling School“.

So if

  • you are a complete beginner
  • or already have some experience but want to improve
  • if you are troubled by a specific problem with a specific dog
  • something is unclear about the technique
  • or you have questions to which you do not know the answer

on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00- 1:00 p.m., Viktória Lozić, a judge for the exterior, a long-time exhibitor and trainer of show dogs, will take care of you in our Activity ring.