Raffle on the St.Nicolaus party

A raffle is an integral part of many social events. The atmosphere during the raffle is always unique! This will also be the case at the St.Nicolaus party, which we are happy to prepare for you. However, our raffle will have also a different mission. We will use the entire proceeds to support our “youth” associated with the Junior Handling Club Slovakia. Any of you can contribute prizes and bring out a sincere smile and joy in this pre-Christmas period. It will be possible to hand over prizes in the show office during the entire Friday and Saturday

KIDZONE Face painting

In our KIDZONE, every child can turn into a different animal or flower for a while. How about becoming a cute panda for a while? Or scare your friends like a toothy tiger? And what would it be like to turn into a daisy? There is no limit to fantasies! Your child’s imagination and the skillful artistic hand of our staff can do the impossible. But especially – the most important thing – to make a SMILE 🙂You can find the KIDZONE corner in Hall M5, every day during the NITRADOG St.Nicolaus Cup. Face painting will take place from 11:00-12:30.


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the little ones either! We are preparing a TOY HANDLING competition again!

In Slovakian shows, for security reasons, the “Child and Dog” competition has not been held at international or national shows for several years.

However, we want to support the passion for shows (and therefore pedigree dogs) even among our youngest, whose age doesn´t yet allow them to compete in Junior handling competitions. In Scandinavia, we were inspired by a nice competition, which we decided to introduce at our shows. After the very successful premiere in February and the summer Veľká Ida, children up to 9 years old will enjoy it again After very sucessfull premier in be able to experience a competitive atmosphere again, to show that they also know what an “up&down” figure is, or a round, but without fearing that the dog will run away from the ring, or that any little handler will be pulled by his/her dog. They will be showing their toys – plush, on wheels, or various others.

TOY HANDLING will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day at the same time, starting at 10:30, because in the afternoon the smaller children go to rest. The presence of the parent is necessary due to the signing of the GDPR.

Don’t forget to plan your visit to Hall M5 to ACTIVITY RING! Your applouse will fullfill with happiness the souls of the little participants!

Entry form via https://www.juniorhandling.sk/toy-handling/

Senior handling

Who once fell in love with junior handling wants always come back to it. If you belong to ex junior handlers or you want to have fun in the show ring, Junior handling klub Slovensko has prepared this special activity for you.

We often say that the junior handlers are more skilled then the adults in the show rings. At our Nitradog St. Nicolaus Cup shows it is time to show, that also the adults have talent and can show their dog on a high level.

SENIOR HANDLING 18+ is opened during Friday 08.12., Saturday 09.12. and Sunday 10.12.2023 for everyone over 18 years. It will be held in the Activity ring, hall M5 from 13:00.

Entry fee is 10€ and the income will be used for financing Junior handling klub Slovensko activity – TOY HANDLING, what is free of charge for the youngest. Show us what you got but mostly let’s have some fun. Our judges are very interesting! Registration here.

Junior handling judges

The registration of dogs for the NITRADOG shows is over. Our youth can still register for the Junior handling competition until the 4th of December 2023 via www.clubdogshow.sk

And what is Junior handling?

It´s a competition for young people aged 9-18, where the quality of the dog is not judged, but the quality of the handling. It´s an excellent opportunity to try and experience the atmosphere in the show ring.

Has your child never participated in this competition? Never mind! Yes, only the top three will make it to the finals, but winning is not the most important, nor should it be the only goal. The most important thing is the opportunity for children and youth to learn more about different breeds of dogs, to improve their skills in handling, and to be able to accept constructive criticism, which is very important for a child’s psychological development. This sport encourages young dog lovers to gain knowledge about how to care for dogs and how to maintain the animals welfare. These values will help to promote the awareness of responsible dog ownership in the next generations. Most importantly – if this activity steals their hearts, maybe they will find their path or meaning in it, and we will get more future cynologists.

Thank you !

Dear exhibitors, thank you very much for the favor you showed us by entering your dogs for the NITRADOG St.Nicolaus Cup. We are pleased with the high number of dogs and exhibitors! At the moment, the last checks of the entries and communication with the owners (who had deficiencies in their entries) are in progress. After the controls of entries are done, we will publish additional information (entry confirmation, mini-catalog…) You will, as always, be informed about all important information via social networks, e-mail and the website. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Best in show trophies

A trophy created for the shelf of fame! A cup shining like a jewel, which seems to be visually glowing with joy “we have BIS!” It can be yours too! You just need to fulfill one condition – click on www.dogshow.sk and enter your dog to NITRADOG St.Nicolaus Cup. And then, just to show its beauty in the show ring. So, will you give it a try? You still have time… until midnight! We are looking forward to you !

Final competitions

Dear exhibitors, last time we told you that for awards


in addition to the joy of winning, beautiful prizes are waiting for you. Today we will again reveal something – this is what the trophies for BOJ – Best Junior in breed will look like (on the right). On the left are the beautiful trophies for the FCI Junior Group Winners. Similarly, we will award all three places for each category in the final competitions with beautiful trophies. And if you are interested in who will choose the best among the most beautiful, we have already published the judges of the final competitions. You can find them in section judges, when you will click on the list of judges.