Activity ring – Obedience

If you are going to be on the dog shows NITRADOG Pribina Cup already on Friday, take a look in hall M5. Part of the Activity Ring, presented in the Best In show ring since 13:00, will be OBEDIENCE performance.

The world of obedience does not mean boring mechanical obedience with a dog, as it might seem at first sight, but it´s a world full of fun with your four-legged dog, it develops and strengthens the relationship between the handler and the dog, the mental and physical abilities of the dog. Obedience is full of interesting exercises, where the dog learns to work not only close to the handler – for example, heelwork, but also at a long distance, when the dog has to overcome obstacles, run around the cones, or into a square or bring dumbels, stop in different positions at a distance. Obedience is suitable for any dog, no matter which breed, for handlers of all ages, and you ‘ll have a lot of fun while training.