Activity ring – Rescuers

We have a few days left until the Nitradog Pribina Cup shows and we have not yet brought all the information we would like. Therefore, today we will once again present one of the activities that will be part of the Activity ring.

On Saturday from 10:30-11:30 (directly in the Activity ring) and on Sunday from 13:30-14:30 (in the final ring) you will be able to get to know the team of people and dogs, which meets voluntarily and is dedicated to highly humane activities – saving human life.

RESCUERS SLOVAKIA sre ordinary people who are willing to sacrifice their time and help with rescue work

  • they are looking for a missing person
  • they help during floods
  • they know how to provide adequate pre-medical first aid always and everywhere
  • they ensure the prevention of accidents with their professional advice
  • and many others.

And in addition, you will be able to stop at the stand, which will also be in Hall M5 during the weekend.