Junior handling judges

The registration of dogs for the NITRADOG shows is over. Our youth can still register for the Junior handling competition until the 4th of December 2023 via www.clubdogshow.sk

And what is Junior handling?

It´s a competition for young people aged 9-18, where the quality of the dog is not judged, but the quality of the handling. It´s an excellent opportunity to try and experience the atmosphere in the show ring.

Has your child never participated in this competition? Never mind! Yes, only the top three will make it to the finals, but winning is not the most important, nor should it be the only goal. The most important thing is the opportunity for children and youth to learn more about different breeds of dogs, to improve their skills in handling, and to be able to accept constructive criticism, which is very important for a child’s psychological development. This sport encourages young dog lovers to gain knowledge about how to care for dogs and how to maintain the animals welfare. These values will help to promote the awareness of responsible dog ownership in the next generations. Most importantly – if this activity steals their hearts, maybe they will find their path or meaning in it, and we will get more future cynologists.