Senior handling

Who once fell in love with junior handling wants always come back to it. If you belong to ex junior handlers or you want to have fun in the show ring, Junior handling klub Slovensko has prepared this special activity for you.

We often say that the junior handlers are more skilled then the adults in the show rings. At our Nitradog St. Nicolaus Cup shows it is time to show, that also the adults have talent and can show their dog on a high level.

SENIOR HANDLING 18+ is opened during Friday 08.12., Saturday 09.12. and Sunday 10.12.2023 for everyone over 18 years. It will be held in the Activity ring, hall M5 from 13:00.

Entry fee is 10€ and the income will be used for financing Junior handling klub Slovensko activity – TOY HANDLING, what is free of charge for the youngest. Show us what you got but mostly let’s have some fun. Our judges are very interesting! Registration here.