Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the little ones either! We are preparing a TOY HANDLING competition again!

In Slovakian shows, for security reasons, the “Child and Dog” competition has not been held at international or national shows for several years.

However, we want to support the passion for shows (and therefore pedigree dogs) even among our youngest, whose age doesn´t yet allow them to compete in Junior handling competitions. In Scandinavia, we were inspired by a nice competition, which we decided to introduce at our shows. After the very successful premiere in February and the summer Veľká Ida, children up to 9 years old will enjoy it again After very sucessfull premier in be able to experience a competitive atmosphere again, to show that they also know what an “up&down” figure is, or a round, but without fearing that the dog will run away from the ring, or that any little handler will be pulled by his/her dog. They will be showing their toys – plush, on wheels, or various others.

TOY HANDLING will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day at the same time, starting at 10:30, because in the afternoon the smaller children go to rest. The presence of the parent is necessary due to the signing of the GDPR.

Don’t forget to plan your visit to Hall M5 to ACTIVITY RING! Your applouse will fullfill with happiness the souls of the little participants!

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