Slavic evening – Falconers

At 17.02.2024 (from 18:00)after the final competitions, we will have fun with a rich Slovak dinner, good wine, soft drinks, great music, a cultural program and a raffle at Slavic evening.

A great program awaits you, from which we would like to introduce to you the professionals in the showing off birds of prey in Slovakia – Falconers 🦅Sokoliari Kráľa Svätopluka – who will have prepared exhibition about the life of the Slavs in the period of Great Moravia – for example, demonstrations of some crafts and others. The exhibitions will be in a room where there is also a photo corner, so you will be able to take a photo with our falconers dressed in period clothes.

About Falconers 🦅 you can read on their website:

Registration for the Slavic evening via More information about the program you can find in menu, section “Slavic evening”.