Junior handling National finals

Dear exhibitors, fans of Junor handling in Slovakia! You already know that NITRADOG shows are different. In addition to many other things, they also differ from other shows in Slovakia in that they host the top event of the Junior Handling competition. In February, we were able to look at the finalists of the year 2022, and on 9/12/2023 on Saturday, the final ring will belong to the 10 most successful Junior handlers of the year 2023! NITRADOG St.Nicolaus Cup will host the Junior handling National finals of 2023 from which representatives of Slovakia will appear at Cruft’s, World, and European FCI shows.
We can’t tell you the names of TOP 10, because the last qualification takes place in November, so we have to wait a while for the list of the best ones However, we can reveal that something big is coming up again and we’re not just talking about the judge´s name…What do you think it will be?