Activity ring – handling school

It’s probably not a big secret that from February 2023 we´ve started organizing NITRADOG shows in a “new outfit“. Among the novelties is the Activity ring, which is used for performances and activities from various activities in the cynological and non-cynological world.

Since we want to ensure that the level of exhibitions also rises in the presentation of dogs in show rings, this year at the Pribina Cup we are starting with another novelty, which we have called “Handling School“.

So if

  • you are a complete beginner
  • or already have some experience but want to improve
  • if you are troubled by a specific problem with a specific dog
  • something is unclear about the technique
  • or you have questions to which you do not know the answer

on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00- 1:00 p.m., Viktória Lozić, a judge for the exterior, a long-time exhibitor and trainer of show dogs, will take care of you in our Activity ring.